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February 5, 2008
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Chocoberry twist kinda date by Squireprincess Chocoberry twist kinda date by Squireprincess
I watched Legion after Eon kid and saw a part with Brainiac 5 and Shrinking Violet aka Brainy and Vi . Seems as if Brainy kinda likes Vi so I drew them together. Yeah they are on a kinda date. Brainy wanted to see what it would feel like to have a day or two as a normal teen's life. Ummm The legion well kinda forced him out cause he spent to much time inventing stuff. He asks Vi if she would help him see that life. Vi agrees but makes him put on a sweat shirt.and they spend time going to malls, concerts and restraunts, yet Brainy would refuse to eat and just watch Vi eat. at the end of the day Vi just wants Ice cream for a snack.

Brainy: Vi, whats that kinda frozen cream you are eating.

Vi: Its Chocolate ice cream topped with Chocoberry swirl ice cream stupid.

Brainy:*makes a face to hide his curiousity* sounds..... gross.

Vi : Is not Chocoberries are just a blend of choclate and strawberries!! *makes a pouting face*

Brainy: Really? Very well then I'll be the judge of that. *gives a taste*

Vi:.......*finding her self staring at him and thinking* ok he's kinda cute,erm for a robot ......ok really cute. But we're just pals,right?

Brainy: Its ..................good, really good. *looks up at Vi with a sweet smile*

Vi:*still staring*..... What?! oh cool... *blushes*

Brainy: Are you ok?

Vi: why wouldn't I be? Besides *gently punches him in the arm* YOU'RE the picky eater. *relizes that his arm is resting on her shoulder* uh... Here you can I have my ice cream ......I'll go get another one.
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mmmmm all these lead to some unanswered questions that i always remember to ask when it occurs to me. . .er whatever
but i won't ask them because:
1-i'd rather read your description than ask anything out loud to myself
and 2-that wat the first time i said anything smart about something
but ya still a great pic
raven2245 Feb 6, 2008   Filmographer
aww so cute!
Squireprincess Feb 6, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you
raven2245 Feb 7, 2008   Filmographer
your very welcome ^^
Squireprincess Feb 7, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
the girl is pretty!
Squireprincess Feb 6, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
^^ even if she looks like a goth she is so cool
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